The Critical Importance Of Proper Achilles Tendon Rupture Treatment For Dancers

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Professional dancers put their bodies through a lot of unique strain during their routines and must be in perfect shape to perform flawlessly. Unfortunately, an Achilles tendon rupture may threaten not just their current gig but their career by destabilizing their balance and support. Thankfully, there are treatments that can manage this problem.  

Why Achilles Tendon Rupture Treatment Means So Much for Dancers 

The Achilles tendon experiences a lot of pressure while dancers perform and may tear or rupture unexpectedly during a routine. This can be quite devastating for a dancer's routine and cause great physical and emotional pain. Thankfully, rupture treatment can improve an Achilles tear in many ways. This treatment includes the following steps:


Immediately after the tear, the dancer must get an assessment from a skilled medical professional who understands proper assessment processes. They may do X-rays to examine the dancer's ankle to gauge the rupture's severity and to plan a potential treatment plan that can help the dancer properly recover from the tear. 


Rupture treatment may include stabilizing the ankle and waiting for the tendon to hear or surgically repairing the affected area. Surgery is more common for athletes and performers because it may help restore their function more quickly. Proper aftercare steps can help improve this process, such as stabilizing the ankle and using braces. 

Long-Term Care

An Achilles tendon rupture may take months to properly heal, during which time the dancer may need to find alternative income until they can perform again. Furthermore, they should regularly meet with their physical therapist to go through strengthening and motion exercises, as well as get regular checks on their progress to ensure things are going smoothly for them.

Like with any athlete, Achilles tendon rupture treatment should be done carefully to slowly and consistently improve a dancer's overall physical strength and flexibility. Putting too much weight on the ankle right away may damage it, so a long-term and carefully managed approach is essential for getting great results for a dancer's recovery.

Improving a Dancer's Skills With Achilles Tendon Rupture Care

By going through Achilles tendon rupture treatment, dancers can ensure that they not only stay light on their feet but stay competitive in their field. While this process is a challenging one that may require several months to properly finish, it can help a dancer stay strong and make their routines easier to complete without hurting themselves again.

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